Modern Mining

A place with BEST PRACTICES is a place of value

Since its inception, Barrick Pueblo Viejo has been the driving force behind a great wave of positive change through responsible mining. Previous efforts have led the general public to believe that mining is synonymous with harm, but the reality is that the mining sector continues to reinvent itself thanks to the example of administrations such as Barrick.

How do we do it?


We are committed to responsible and environmentally friendly mining. Our reforestation programs include the planting of hundreds of trees and shrubs, the relocation of native species and soil rehabilitation.

Protecting the environment is everyone’s job!

Commitment to
the Community

We empower communities by creating new opportunities for everyone. With our community support programs, we have encouraged fishermen, farmers, artisans, and beekeepers to enhance their skills.

A place of value is a society that moves forward with its people!

Effective Resource

Barrick Pueblo Viejo transformed environmental management by deploying the latest technologies to safeguard the area’s natural resources with a view to reducing environmental impact.

Proper resource management is a model of operational excellence!